More about me

I really love what I do!


I graduated in 2016 Cum Laude and am now busy with further postgraduate studies.

I love keeping up to date with current events; ranging from politics to economics.
I have a horde of random, seemingly useless knowledge on many different subjects.
Most of it collecting dust in my frontal cortex,
to one day be made use of.

I have a great sense of humour that usually leans to the dark/dry side. There are endless terrible puns.

Coming from the Western Cape, wine is an obvious love of mine (bringing a bottle to the appointment is welcomed!).
I like reds in particular, although I am not a fan of sweet wines.

As one can see from my photos, I LOVE black lacy lingerie! There is nothing that makes me feel sexier than lace.

I absolutely adore animals, especially dogs and I volunteer at animal shelters as often as I can.

I hope that this “less formal” section gives you a better insight into the type of person that I am.